Looking for Entrepreneurial Inspiration? Elon Musk has a Thought…

Entrepreneurship is a Constant Struggle

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Entrepreneurs dream with their eyes open. You have to be a little crazy to believe that your vision can become the kind of success that can do more than just pay the bills.  And if you’re pursuing a living in an environment with a 90% failure rate, maybe it’s understandable that a little outside motivation is needed in order to keep going until you clear the next hurdle.

Momentary motivation is one thing, but if you are relying on catch-phrases and platitudes to help you launch a business, you’re probably fighting in the wrong arena. Surviving the grind, day in and day out, requires a sense of purpose and internal motivation that allows the most successful innovators to punch through walls and withstand gale-force headwinds.

Entrepreneurial Success is Fueled By Internal Motivation

As Elon Musk puts it, “If you need inspiring words [to help you mentally launch your business], you should not do it.”

Musk is currently worth more than $17 billion dollars and has helped to found Zip2, PayPal, SpaceX and Tesla. His only failed startup was Halcyon Molecular, Inc., a human genome sequencing company he invested in. That means in a world where the batting average is 10%, he’s scoring an 80% success rate.

I think his advice is worth heeding – primarily because of the number of struggles he’s overcome to turn his visions into the things capitalist dreams are made of.

Musk’s hurdles included…

  • …being voted out of his own company, twice.
  • …massive industry criticism of his ideas.
  • …nearly dying from cerebral malaria.
  • …SpaceX’s failed launches, including exploding rockets.
  • …Tesla car batteries catching fire.

Mere mortals would have ended their books with any of these events. But Elon has the internal judgement and hustle to overcome and survive, no matter what. Do you? If so, I salute you and can’t wait to see your entrepreneurial success!


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