How Content Marketing Works

Websites increase brand awareness and help generate sales leads. The question for site owners is “how do you get your site noticed?”. The simple answer is creating exciting and engaging content that attracts search engines and people. I have spoken to dozens of small business owners over the last year, and every time I talk I have to explain content marketing and how it works. So let’s cut to the chase and discuss how content marketing works!

Content Provides Information

When you think about your website do you ask yourself “what problem does my website solve”? If you don’t, you should. Your website content should be giving out information, it should be answering a question. Take this article, for instance, the question is “how does content marketing work?” The answer is contained in the article. So this content solves a problem. Even if your site is focused on e-commerce, you can answer questions about your product with your content.


Engaging Content Helps Your Website’s SEO

Getting content on a website does no good if it’s dull. You want content that engages readers and excites them. this engagement keeps users on the page for longer. You also increase the chance of users engaging with different content on your site. Last year (it’s still relevant information today) the team at Fractl put together some really solid information about content increasing your organic search rankings. Better organic rankings bring better brand awareness and help generate sales leads.

Time on page, page views, and bounce rate are factors to determine if your content is valuable to users. If users stay on the page, don’t bounce, and explore other content on the site, the search engines assume that the user found your content valuable. That means your content moves up in the result page. Get people’s attention and you will get a search engine’s attention.

Content Doesn’t Need to be Just Text

That’s right, you read it here. Properly tagged video, audio, and photo’s count as content. The stats on video are pretty staggering. The infographic to below was originally made in 2015 and updated last year. Some good takeaways from this are:

  • Video on a landing page can increase conversion by 80%
  • After watching a video, users are 64% more likely to buy a product online
  • Video ads can increase brand association by 139%

Embedded video is a powerhouse if done correctly. They increase social shares and expose your brand to new users. they create conversions and site traffic. Don’t think they have to go viral to have this impact either, they just need to be engaging.



Generate Backlinks

Great content means other websites will link to your content. To a search engine, this is huge. Remember your site needs to solve a problem. If other sites are linking to your content, the search engines deem that content really valuable, especially if the linking site has a high domain authority.  These backlinks increase your domains authority AND will introduce your brand to different audiences.

I like to make the comparison that a backlink is like “word of mouth” advertising. It’s the digital form of saying “this product is great, you should try it”. One thing I would like to point out here when it comes to social media a nofollow link is attributed. that means that your site doesn’t get a boost from Facebook. Not a loss however because you are still building brand awareness towards people and in reality users are your targets.


I know this isn’t a comprehensive “how-to” guide, this is merely meant to inform the uninformed. This gives you a little knowledge to start with. The deeper you dig into this subject, the more considerations must be made. Fear not, this is just one of many articles to come focusing on website content, and how to make it work for your site.





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