4 Reasons You Need to Hire a Content Writer

Is your website starving? Are you having trouble generating the traffic you need to sustain your site, sell products and raise brand awareness? You need to hire a content writer that can help your website grab google’s attention – resulting in millions of potential customers experiencing your site.

Simply setting up a site and filling it with pictures and words isn’t enough. Even if you spend a ton of money on Pay-Per-Click campaigns, the moment your ad budget runs out, so does your flow of new online customers.

Targeted Site Content is King

“Content is where I expect much of the real money will be made on the Internet, just as it was in broadcasting.” –Bill Gates 1996


Your mind might first take you to Netflix, Youtube and Hulu. But, the content Gates is really talking about here is fresh site content. He foresaw the rise of the search engine, and he felt confident that sites would be indexed based on the quality and timeliness of their content. He was right.


Today, fresh site content is more important than ever before. More than 1 billion websites are competing for Google’s attention. As the web has grown, Google has become more sophisticated – rooting out spammy content and finding new ways to help their search algorithms highlight the best, most powerful content.

If your site is full of generic content, or worse, copied content, Google will not serve your site up to people searching for your product, service or cause. Instead, your competitors that invested in high-quality, relevant content will score the opportunity to woo your would-be customers.

A Content Writer Writes for Two Audiences

Writing content for the web is a special skill that requires both experience and consistency.


There are specific things that Google looks for when analyzing your site:


  1. Header Tags that describe the content of your page in an accurate way.
  2. Keywords and phrases that Google’s users are typing into their search box.
  3. A competent answer (solution) to the question (problem) that Google’s users are searching for (trying to solve).
  4. Backlinks to your content from respected websites.


There are specific things that will improve the likelihood that a site visitor will become a customer:

  1. Content that quickly answers their question.
  2. Site elements that build trust and help the customer feel confident in doing business with you.
  3. An opportunity to dig beneath the surface, with minimal effort, and learn more about your products and services.
  4. The ability to quickly communicate with someone that can resolve their issue if something goes wrong.


Your competition is focusing on content marketing to reach new customers.



Content Writers Avoid Duplicate Content

A professional content writer will look at all of the information publicly available on the web and find a way to communicate your message in a unique way. This is important, because if Google thinks that your site’s content is a rip-off from someone else’s, they’ll punish your site – awarding your pages a lower rank (or no rank at all) in organic search results.


It’s always a great idea to look around for inspiration. But NEVER lift content directly from another site. If you’re worried that some of your site’s content may have been copied from elsewhere, or that another site is stealing your content, you can check with Copyscape.

Content Writers Post Everywhere to Generate Buzz

Great content is an investment in both the short-term and long-term traffic of your website. In the short-term, a content writer will help ensure that you have content to blast out to your various channels – social media, newsletters, blogs, etc..

By creating the right kind of noise online, your brand will begin to attract the types of customers that understand the value of your product or service.

Over the long-term, high-quality site content will continue to mature and be noticed by other people on the internet. You can refer back to it when publishing new content (creating a strong content chain). And, you can use the different engagement metrics to learn about your customers – empowering you to further target future content to the unique needs of your target audience.

Quality site content serves as the foundation for your inbound marketing efforts. It will help your site generate traffic, convert customers and earn an online reputation that encourages search engines to send customers your way.

Content marketing is one of the most affordable ways to market your website, because you only have to pay for it once. And it continues to provide value for as long as your site remains online.



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